About Us


May Measurement Month

May Measerment month is a global public screening programme for hypertension. It not only aims to raise public awareness of hypertension and its effects but also to collect data that will inform global health policy. More can be found out at the May Measurement Month Website:  http://maymeasure.com/ 


2019 Goals

We aim to reach one million blood pressure readings from the public in the UK this May. We also aim to increases public awareness of hypertension and it's treatment in the UK.


About the UK team

May Measurement Month is made possible by the hard work of a huge number of volunteers. All blood pressure readings are recorded by volunteers, and the UK team is ran by students working together from universities around the whole of the UK. 


The English effort is led by Manchester Medical Research Society

If you want to know more about the effort in Wales, visit their website at www.mmmwales.com