This site contains information on the English contribution to May Measurement Month, a global screening initiative for high blood pressure. For general information or screening locations in other countries, visit: 

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Volunteering for May Measurement Month is a great way to help your local community whilst also developing your own portfolio, getting involved in research and practising clinical skills. Click the link provided to show you are interested and we will pass your email address on to the local team where you are. You do not need to be experienced in taking blood pressure, just able to approach and converse with members of the public and provide a friendly face for our campaign. Training and everything you need will be provided. You can volunteer as much or as little of your time as you have to spare in May 2018. If you have any queries please get in touch via the form at the bottom of this webpage.

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Our Mission

May Measurement Month is run by the International Society of Hypertension with the sole purpose of raising awareness of high blood pressure. As Manchester Medical Research Student's Society, our team is working in conjunction with the initiative which began its campaign in May 2017. Our goal is to help tackle the biggest single contributing risk factor to global death - high blood pressure. 

The plan

Our national team, co-ordinated by the Manchester Medical Research Student's Society and many like us internationally are striving to screen as many people as possible in May. Data collected from all over the world will be used to highlight the importance of high blood pressure, to study associations and to motivate governments to improve local screening facilities and policies.

How you can help

Bring yourself down to one of the many May Measurement Month stalls listed to get your pressure checked, it'll only take ten minutes. Encourage your friends and family to think about their blood pressure and visit their local GP if they're concerned. 

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